Wicket Garage Doors

Check out the wicket garage doors from Fort Doors that are designed to increase ease-of-access and convenience.

They are also known as "Steel SmartPass" due to the extra in-built door that you can use when you don't need to open the main garage door.


Meriden, Tewksbury, and Ullswater are three in a range of timber garage doors from UK manufacturer Fort Doors.

The up-and-over range of timber doors offer traditional style with innovative design features such as the ergonomic locking-handle, which is fully secure.

If you want to improve the exterior of your home this summer, a timber garage door from Fort Doors will certainly make a great visual impression and will refresh the look of your property.

To view the range, please visit Fort Doors online by clicking Timber Garage Doors

View timber garage doors made in the UK by Fort Doors