Happy Christmas from Fort Doors

All at Fort Doors would like to thank and wish all our customers from 2015 a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. 2016 will be exciting with the newly released brochure of garage doors that you can view and buy by clicking here - Fort Doors 2016 Collection


Timber Garage Doors

Timber garage doors from Fort Doors
Click the timber garage door above to view the stunning collection via Fort Doors online

New - Chester Garage Doors

Here is the Chester Vertical and Horizontal with windows.

Find out more about these new garage door designs by calling Fort Doors on 0121 749 3699.

Or view more from the 2016 collection by visiting our website here - New Innovative Garage Doors


Download the 2016 Brochure

See our new garage doors in the 2016 brochure from Fort Doors, launched online by the UK's newest garage door manufacturer.

Great news for customers in that although some garage door prices have been slightly revised, the majority remain the same and show the Fort Doors range as excellent value.

These are the exciting additions in the 2016 brochure:

6 new garage door designs.

New steel doors with windows and 5 window insert options

New colour ranges, which has been increased to 16 in total.

New die-cast handle options including polished chrome

New Sommer automation

New Grp side hinged doors

Download the 2016 garage doors brochure from Fort Doors, click here
Click here to download the 2016 garage doors
brochure from Fort Doors

Director of Fort Doors Lee Moon says of the new range:

"With all the latest news revolving around the suitability of automation and the need for safety testing we have teamed up with Sommer to offer our own motor that is fully tested and compliant with our doors.

"We have invested in new machinery and equipment and now produce our own canopy and retractable lifting gear in our Birmingham factory, this means we have total control over our manufacturing plant and all parts meaning we can offer our best ever lead times on all doors.

"Made to measure doors are our speciality and our price list reflects this position, we now only charge £100 over standard doors to have your customers door choice made to the perfect size. Lead times on all standard doors remains at two weeks with all new doors and made to measure sizes now 3 weeks from order."

So if you want to download the 2016 Fort Doors brochure, please click the image above or for any questions about our designs and prices, please call the Fort Door team on 0121 749 3699


Horizontal Ribbed Drayton

The latest in our steady release of new garage doors, the 2016 collection from Fort Doors, we present the Horizontal Ribbed Drayton that is available in up-and-over or side hinged 50/50 in all 14 standard colours.


Garage Doors - New - 2015 - Fort Doors Range

Here is a sneak preview of one of the NEW garage doors available from Fort Doors who're launching a new brochure of stylish and modern doors manufactured in the UK.

This is the new side-hinged Chester garage door that is made with windows and is supplied by Fort Doors in a range of 14 colours and in a standard or medium ribbed design.


View Fort's Doors on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media for image-sharing. 

Like on the other major social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others, Fort Doors have now set up a profile on Pinterest where we have begun uploading images of our range of timber garage doors.

Over the next few months we shall upload every garage door that is manufactured by Fort Doors who have been called the "UK's newest and most innovative" garage door manufacturer.

To view or follow the new Pinterest profile, please clicking the logo below.

 Click to view garage doors manufactured in the UK by Fort Doors
Click above to view garage doors made in the UK by Fort Doors

View our Garage Door Collection

As one of the UK's newest and most innovative manufacturers of garage doors Fort Doors have a wide range of styles that will suit different tastes.

So if you're looking for a garage door that will compliment your home, then there is a high chance that Fort Doors will make that door and you can view it on the website where you'll see GRP garage doors, timber, side-hinged, steel-made and many other kinds of garage doors that will suit different tastes and also different budgets.

View Fort's 2015 range by clicking - UK Garage Door Manufacturer

Timber Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors in timber are some of the classiest garage doors manufactured in the UK by Fort Doors.

The Bamburgh in Light Oak on the left or the Fairbourne on the right are both made with cedar, which is a very durable and stylish wood.

Read more about the timber up and over doors from Fort by clicking here - Timber Doors

Timber up and over garage doors from manufacturer Fort Doors

Fort on This Nation

Check us out on Tumblr where we upload images and details of our garage doors and also upload news about Fort Doors' online activity such as the fact we're now on the business directory This Nation.

To view us on either website, click the link below.


Bespoke Garage Doors

Personalise your own garage door with the Ekstra range from Fort Doors that lets you choose where to place the decorative decals ... This range of garage door will make your home unique by giving you the option of where to place the portholes of this premium door, which are designed and manufactured in the UK by Fort Doors.

If you're looking for a new garage door, check out the Fort Doors website where you can view a wide range of traditional and modern styles made by us who have been called one of the UK's "newest, most innovative garage door manufacturer."

To talk to one of our garage door team who can help you with design and technical questions, please call us on 0121 749 3699

To widen the online scope of the garage doors manufactured in the UK by Fort Doors, there is now a FreeIndex profile that you can view and read about the range of garage doors made and supplied by Fort Doors.

To view the profile either click the link in the Facebook post below or click Garage Doors on FreeIndex

Fort Doors have joined Freeindex Directory which is a UK directory where you can read about the garage doors manufacture...

Posted by Fort Doors on Monday, 3 August 2015

Wicket Garage Doors

Check out the wicket garage doors from Fort Doors that are designed to increase ease-of-access and convenience.

They are also known as "Steel SmartPass" due to the extra in-built door that you can use when you don't need to open the main garage door.


Meriden, Tewksbury, and Ullswater are three in a range of timber garage doors from UK manufacturer Fort Doors.

The up-and-over range of timber doors offer traditional style with innovative design features such as the ergonomic locking-handle, which is fully secure.

If you want to improve the exterior of your home this summer, a timber garage door from Fort Doors will certainly make a great visual impression and will refresh the look of your property.

To view the range, please visit Fort Doors online by clicking Timber Garage Doors

View timber garage doors made in the UK by Fort Doors


Modern Garage Doors

If you're looking for a unique garage door, one that is modern and stylish and bespoke, take at look at the premium...

Posted by Fort Doors on Monday, 29 June 2015

Design your Garage Door

Modern consumers are drawn to buying unique or bespoke products. To feed that desire in the garage doors market Fort Doors have the Premium Ekstra garage door range that allows you to design the doors by personalising them with "Ekstra decorative elements."

To view more of the the Premium Ekstra range, click - bespoke garage doors.

Look at Fort's New Website

It's here. The Fort Doors website is live online and ready for you to view our range of innovative and stylish garage doors.

If you're looking for a new garage door for your home this summer, you can click here garage doors to view:

Steel Up & Over Garage Doors
Steel Woodgrain Doors
Steel “Smartpass”
Premium Ekstra Doors
Timber Garage Doors
GRP Garage Doors

All the garage doors supplied online by Fort are CE marked and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality systems. Therefore you can be sure of safety, reliability and quality.

If you have any questions about the garage doors supplied online by Fort, please get in touch ... Call us on 0121 749 3699

View garage doors online, click on the new website from Fort Doors
Click on the new Fort Doors website

Watch the Garage Doors Playlist

Like any innovative garage door manufacturer, Fort Doors have a presence on social-media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+.

The latest online platform we've created has been a YouTube channel where we have set up a playlist of videos that are related to the garage door industry.


Side Hinged Garage Doors

Easy to operate and available in vertical standard rib and horizontal wide-rib, the side-hinged garage doors that you can see below are made by Fort Doors in Birmingham UK. 

As one of the newest and most innovative manufacturers of garage doors in the UK, Fort offer a range that combines the modern with the classic and all of which are stylish and will revamp your home exterior this summer. 

 To view more garage doors and the prices click - Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged garage doors are available to view by clicking here


Follow Fort on Twitter

You can check the latest garage doors and details about Fort via the Twitter feed below. And if you're on the social media website follow us and we'll follow you back.

GRP Garage Doors - Strength, Style - Fort

Garage doors made from glass reinforced polymer are called for short GRP doors. Fort have a range of stylish GRP garage doors available to read about and view online.

A benefit of a GRP door is that it's dent-resistant, meaning that when you knock it say with your car there'll be less damage. We have five garage doors in the Fort range that are GRP and they are the Eastbourne White Gloss, the Regent White Gloss, the Kielder Woodgrain, the Monmouth Woodgrain, and the Westminster Woodgrain - all of which combine classic design with modern security features and style.

To find out more about the GRP garage doors from Fort or to view the doors made by Fort in Birmingham UK , please visit the Fort website by clicking GRP Garage Doors

Glass Reinforced Polymer garage doors ... GRP doors are strong and a low maintenance option if you're thinking of...
Posted by Fort Doors on Monday, 11 May 2015


Steel Garage Doors

All the steel garage doors from Fort are designed and manufactured in Birmingham UK. 

Made from strong high-quality materials such as galvanised steel, the finish paintwork is baked and offers a smooth matt-finish.

Click to view and buy steel garage doors
Click to view and buy steel garage doors

Georgian Garage Doors

Fort Doors make and supply the Georgian garage door you can see below. It's a sturdy all-steel construction with box section sub-chassis with steel-pressed sheeting to the front of this stylish door that could spruce up the appearance of your home this summer. 

As said below, Fort are one of the newest and most innovative manufacturers of garage door in the UK and our designs are fresh and high-quality. So if you want to find out more you can visit our website or call us on 0121 749 3699


Vertical Medium Rib Doors

Fort Doors supply the vertical medium rib garage doors, which is side-hinged and a stylish door made with the highest quality from one of the "UK's most innovative manufacturers" . . . To view and read about this range of garage doors online, click here - Buy garage doors online

Quality garage doors from one of the "newest and most innovative garage door manufacturers" in the UK - Fort Doors - who...
Posted by Fort Doors on Monday, 20 April 2015


Fort Doors on Twitter

Like all innovative garage door manufacturers, Fort Doors are on Twitter . . . We use the popular social-media platform to upload images and details of the range of garage doors we make and supply from our UK base.

For example, check this  Georgian Steel Garage Door, which is a popular choice and has the classic 12-panel design.

Click to view garage doors from Fort on Twitter


Side-Hinged Garage Doors

The Fort Doors side-hinged range of garage doors, easy to operate, are available in vertical Medium and Standard Rib, Georgian, and Horizontal Wide Rib designs . . . 

If you're thinking of investing in a garage door to upgrade the appearance of your home this Springtime and want to talk about your options, Fort Doors have a team of advisers to help on which style/design of door will compliment your property.

You can view and read about lots more of the garage doors available from Fort Doors, please click Side-Hinged Garage Doors

To view the side-hinged garage doors and other designs, please click and visit the Fort Doors website
To view the side-hinged garage doors and other designs, please click and visit the Fort Doors website


GRP Garage Doors

GRP garage doors, which are made of glass reinforced polymer, are a popular choice of low-maintenance door.

A great benefit of choosing a GRP garage door is that the reinforced polymer doesn't shrink, warp  or rust, which means your garage door will look pristine and new for many years.

Fort Doors have a range of GRP doors such as the Eastbourne white gloss, the Regent white gloss, the Kielder and Monmouth woodgrain garage door that you can view and buy online.

If you want to discuss the different types of GRP doors you can speak to the Fort Doors team by calling us on 0121 749 3699 ... 

Fort Doors on Blogger

Welcome ... Fort Doors, the UK's newest garage door manufacturer, have joined on Blogger.

Here is the first post of many that will upload the garage doors by Fort who have been called "the UK's newest and most innovative garage door manufacturer."

We make a wide range of doors such as steel, timber, GRP, side-hinged, Georgian and wicket garage doors.

For instance, the garage door below is part of the Fort Doors steel range. It's called the Vertical Steel Garage Door, which is a standard rib and an all steel construction with a box section sub chassis and steel pressed sheeting to front.

To view and read more about this door and the rest that are available to buy online please visit the Fort website by clicking here - Garage Doors
Vertical Steel Garage Door, click to view and buy online
Vertical Steel Garage Door, click to view and buy online