Stylish Doors - Everyday Pricing

Fort Doors are known for stylish garage doors at everyday pricing. Our UK-manufactured doors such as the timber range, for instance, or the GRP range, or the steel range, all our doors are CE marked and made under our ISO 9001 quality systems. Therefore you can be certain of the safety, reliability and quality of a Fort garage door.

We have many designs to match all budgets and tastes.

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Fort Doors - Facebook Shop

Fort Doors have added a range of garage doors and their prices to the new Facebook Shop feature, which allows you to add products to a new tab and your timeline.

So the timber Bamburgh, the Eastbourne white GRP and the Golden Oak Rib Vertical are three of the garage doors you can view and compare. All of the doors manufactured by Fort Doors are made in the UK and focus on innovation and attention to detail in the door design. 

To take a look at the doors on the Facebook Shop, visit the link here - Garage Doors


Fort Doors Catalogue

The Fort Doors catalogue is due in the near future. But in the meantime you can take a look at the latest designs of innovative garage doors. Our twenty page brochure presents all our designs - from the Premium Ekstra range to the GRP - that you can view by clicking here - Fort Doors Catalogue - and the price list here - garage door prices.

Fort garage door prices, view by clicking here
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Windows - Natural Light

When quality and style matters, take a look at Fort Doors.

Garages are so much more enjoyable to use as a workspace when you have natural light. 

The steel and windowed range from Fort Doors offers many choices and styles, all which are made in the UK.

If you're looking into buying a new garage door, take a look at the steel garage doors with windows whose frames are made with PVC and whose Glazing is made from a stipple-designed Pilkinton K safety glass. Those are just two features that make this range a very attractive choice of garage door. 

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Steel Doors with Windows

Steel garage doors with windows available from Fort Doors are a "great solution to people requiring natural light into the garage" and a very stylish option for anyone wanting to buy a garage door. Available in different designs such as Stockton Cross, Waterford, Cascade, Cathedral and available in different sizes, investing in a steel door with windows will transform your home appearance. To view the designs online, visit the Fort Doors website here - Steel Garage Doors with Windows


Timber Doors - Natural Style

Timber garage doors are a popular choice due to the natural style they offer a house exterior. Fort Doors manufacture in the UK and supply a range of timber doors such as the Bamburgh and Fairbourne below. Made of cedar with a light oak finish, the beauty of these doors is replicated in all the doors in our timber range. 

Take a look at these styles and other doors you might think will suit your home, visit the Fort Doors website by clicking here - timber door manufacturer


Personalise Your Garage Door

As an innovative garage door manufacturer, Fort Doors specialise in attention-to-detail and one of the most exclusive door range we produce is the Premium Ekstra.

This garage door allows you to personalise the design with stylish porthole decals. Whether it be an horizontal design or vertical, with round or rectangle porthole, you choose the layout, you take an involvement in the design of the door. This means you can have a unique style of garage door, a design unlike any other garage door in your street.

To find out more, please visit the Fort Doors website here - Personalise Your Garage Door

The Art and History of the Garage Door

On Google Books, and on our Library page below, you can read a lengthy preview of The Art and History of the Garage Door, which is a book by Ramona Lee Visconti that's "devoted to an exploration of one of the most mundane and utilitarian of daily objects - the garage door."

Fort Doors says: We'll have some of that! Sounds great! Check our other books about garage doors.

Innovative Garage Door Design

The GRP garage doors, like other ranges in our collection, are a popular choice with homeowners.

Available from Fort Doors, you can view the design of our GRP range and read about their features by clicking the link below. Then you can decide for yourself if we're one of the "newest, most innovative" manufacturer of garage doors. One fact that is attractive to people is that all the doors we supply are made in the UK. And that, combined with the high quality and modern styles of our doors, is a great reason to check out Fort Doors.

Fort Doors Online


Steel Up and Over Garage Doors - Summer Buys

Buying a quality garage door this summer? 

The steel up and over door is a popular choice for homes across the UK. 

Fort Doors supply different styles of steel up and over including horizontal narrow rib, vertical narrow, horizontal medium rib and numerous other attractive styles. Every garage door is factory finished for excellent corrosion resistance. And every garage door available from Fort Doors is manufactured in the UK.

To view the steel up and over range and the other "innovative" designs of door, click here - buy garage doors

Bespoke Garage Doors

Fort Doors have been called "the newest, most innovative manufacturer" on the UK garage door market. The Premium Ekstra garage doors, the bespoke range from Fort Doors, allows you to place decorative decals on the door. This means you can create your own style with the different choices of colour and design offered by this exclusive range.

Add Natural Light to your Workspace

If you want natural light in your garage, which might double-up as a workspace, check out the wide collection of steel garage doors with windows that are now available from Fort Doors.


Testimonials for Fort Doors

Fort Doors are proud of the high-quality garage doors we manufacture in the UK. But as well as innovative designs and very affordable prices on each garage door, we offer an efficient after-service.

Below you can read three testimonials from our garage door customers, comments that show Fort Doors doing what they do best - manufacturing UK made garage doors and backing it up with a solid service.
"Just fitted a new Chester with windows, customer very happy with the look and the price helped," said Nick W.
"Dan and the team, thanks again! Your customer service really is pretty outstanding!," said Amanda from Maidstone. 

"Fort Doors provide a wide range of garage doors at great prices. I was really pleased with the Fort Doors service and the up and over garage door they supplied has completely transformed the look of my house!" said Mike from Coventry.

To read more testimonials customers have given Fort Doors, either click here - UK made garage doors - or click the image below.

Read what customers say about the garage doors made and supplied by Fort Doors


Fort Doors Online

Fort Doors on Star Reviews

Looking for good directory websites where you can upload your business details is difficult. There's numerous directories online that are hard to submit to in that they're confusing, slow and don't load properly. 

But Star Reviews is a very easy-to-use UK directory where we at Fort Doors have uploaded our garage door details. So thanks for that Star Reviews! To view our new listing online, click the link in the Tweet below.


Here is a collection of GRP garage doors made by Fort in the UK. 

A great benefit about GRP is how the glass reinforced polymer is low maintenance. It's made with a dent-resistant composite laminate. This of course means it's highly durable. 

Each door in the GRP is stylish and would enhance the appearance of any home. The Regent White Gloss, the Kielder Woodgrain, the Westminster, the Monmouth, all those and more are available to view on the Fort Door's website.

To take a look at our innovative GRP range, click Quality Garage Doors


Happy Easter from Fort Doors

Happy Easter from Fort Doors.

It's a great time of year for home-improvements and a great way to truly improve your home is to buy a new garage door. Fort Doors have many different designs, all manufactured in the UK and which are stylish and very competitively priced.

To view our garage doors and prices, please visit the Fort Doors website by clicking - Buy garage doors


Steel Woodgrain - Style, Durability

Looking for a stylish and durable garage door? 

The Steel Woodgrain range, made in the UK by Fort Doors, is a popular choice for homes around the UK due to the combination of style and strength. The Golden Oak tone looks like wood but has all the strength of steel, making it a perfect garage door that will last and look great fronting your home for years.

Available in horizontal or vertical rib, the Steel Woodgrain ius one of many stylish ranges of garage door available from one of the "most innovative" manufacturers in the UK ... 

View online by clicking - Steel Woodgrain garage doors

View the steel woodgrain garage doors from Fort Doors - click here
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Fort Join @BizIndex

We've set up a profile on the UK business directory The Business Index ... to have a look at the garage doors we've so far uploaded to the profile, click the link below.


New - Alton Steel Up and Over

The new Alton up and over steel garage door looks like classic timber but is made of steel.

One of the great features of this 2016 garage door is the woodgrain effect, giving it the beauty of timber plus the durability of a corrosion-resistant steel. Available in Golden Oak or Rosewood, the Alton could compliment your home design, making it traditional but also modern and stylish. Like all of the doors made in the UK by Fort Doors, the Alton can be made to measure. It also is ready for electric operation. 

In summary, providing an attractive alternative to wooden garage doors, the Alton steel door is an excellent match for modern UPVC window finishes, which also offer you minimal maintenance requirement.

Fort Doors have nine ranges of garage door designs, all in different sizes, all in different colour options. If you're looking for a reputable and stylish garage door supplier/manufacturer, please either visit our website by clicking here - Buy Garage Doors - or give the team a call on 0121 749 3699.

The new Alton steel up and over garage door
Click the Alton garage door image for close-up view

Attractive Prices - Quality Garage Doors

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More Timber - More Style

The timber styles range of up and over garage doors is a popular option. Below you can see the Ullswater up and over door in Light Oak and also the Highcler in Light Oak, while the Meriden and Tewksbury door are shown in Basecoat 

But the choices are many with nine designs, six colour options, meaning you could possibly find the design that will suit your home exterior. 

Have a look on the Fort Doors website or view the new ranges of doors by downloading the 2016 Fort Doors Brochure.

Click to view the timber up and over range manufactured by Fort Doors in the UK

Timber Styles - Doors of Natural Beauty - Secure


Steel Woodgrain - Class Design, Minimal Maintenance

The steel woodgrain collection of garage doors made in the UK by Fort Doors give you an alternative to timber doors. A perfect match with the modern UPVC window finishes, the steel woodgrain doors require the same minimal maintenance.

We offer numerous choices of design that include doors that are vertically or horizonally ribbed in golden oak or rosewood finishes.

You choose the design that will best suit the aesthetics of your home, of course.

For more information about the  steel woodgrain or any other of our UK-made garage doors, please visit us online by clicking - garage door manufacturer - or call the Fort Doors team on 0121 749 399


Steel Up and Over Garage Doors

Steel up and over garage doors last for years and can offer your home a refreshing face-lift this year. Supplied with an option of twelve different colour choices, one of which will be suitable for your house or property.


Up and over garage doors - Timber Styles 2016

The timber up and over garage doors from Fort Doors are available to view online ... Why not brighten up your home exterior this year with one of our timber garage doors, which combine classical style and natural beauty of the wood with the modern design that is the hallmark of Fort Doors?

View the range, which covers numerous designs of new garage doors made in the UK by Fort, click here - garage doors online

Up and over garage doors - Timber Styles 2016 - Fort Doors
Click for the 2016 garage door brochure