Personalise Your Garage Door

As an innovative garage door manufacturer, Fort Doors specialise in attention-to-detail and one of the most exclusive door range we produce is the Premium Ekstra.

This garage door allows you to personalise the design with stylish porthole decals. Whether it be an horizontal design or vertical, with round or rectangle porthole, you choose the layout, you take an involvement in the design of the door. This means you can have a unique style of garage door, a design unlike any other garage door in your street.

To find out more, please visit the Fort Doors website here - Personalise Your Garage Door

The Art and History of the Garage Door

On Google Books, and on our Library page below, you can read a lengthy preview of The Art and History of the Garage Door, which is a book by Ramona Lee Visconti that's "devoted to an exploration of one of the most mundane and utilitarian of daily objects - the garage door."

Fort Doors says: We'll have some of that! Sounds great! Check our other books about garage doors.

Innovative Garage Door Design

The GRP garage doors, like other ranges in our collection, are a popular choice with homeowners.

Available from Fort Doors, you can view the design of our GRP range and read about their features by clicking the link below. Then you can decide for yourself if we're one of the "newest, most innovative" manufacturer of garage doors. One fact that is attractive to people is that all the doors we supply are made in the UK. And that, combined with the high quality and modern styles of our doors, is a great reason to check out Fort Doors.