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Pinterest is a social media for image-sharing. 

Like on the other major social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others, Fort Doors have now set up a profile on Pinterest where we have begun uploading images of our range of timber garage doors.

Over the next few months we shall upload every garage door that is manufactured by Fort Doors who have been called the "UK's newest and most innovative" garage door manufacturer.

To view or follow the new Pinterest profile, please clicking the logo below.

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View our Garage Door Collection

As one of the UK's newest and most innovative manufacturers of garage doors Fort Doors have a wide range of styles that will suit different tastes.

So if you're looking for a garage door that will compliment your home, then there is a high chance that Fort Doors will make that door and you can view it on the website where you'll see GRP garage doors, timber, side-hinged, steel-made and many other kinds of garage doors that will suit different tastes and also different budgets.

View Fort's 2015 range by clicking - UK Garage Door Manufacturer

Timber Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors in timber are some of the classiest garage doors manufactured in the UK by Fort Doors.

The Bamburgh in Light Oak on the left or the Fairbourne on the right are both made with cedar, which is a very durable and stylish wood.

Read more about the timber up and over doors from Fort by clicking here - Timber Doors

Timber up and over garage doors from manufacturer Fort Doors

Fort on This Nation

Check us out on Tumblr where we upload images and details of our garage doors and also upload news about Fort Doors' online activity such as the fact we're now on the business directory This Nation.

To view us on either website, click the link below.