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Garage doors made from glass reinforced polymer are called for short GRP doors. Fort have a range of stylish GRP garage doors available to read about and view online.

A benefit of a GRP door is that it's dent-resistant, meaning that when you knock it say with your car there'll be less damage. We have five garage doors in the Fort range that are GRP and they are the Eastbourne White Gloss, the Regent White Gloss, the Kielder Woodgrain, the Monmouth Woodgrain, and the Westminster Woodgrain - all of which combine classic design with modern security features and style.

To find out more about the GRP garage doors from Fort or to view the doors made by Fort in Birmingham UK , please visit the Fort website by clicking GRP Garage Doors

Glass Reinforced Polymer garage doors ... GRP doors are strong and a low maintenance option if you're thinking of...
Posted by Fort Doors on Monday, 11 May 2015

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